Frequently Asked Questions


What if I am late and miss the bus, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for no shows. No exceptions. Please arrive on time.

Does the price include the event ticket?

Dependent on the event. If you have questions on a specific event, please email us at

Are meals included?

No, we do not provide meals. However, you can bring food or beverages on the bus, and/or bring money for food at or around the event.

Is there a group, or multi-pack, discount?

Please email us at for group inquires.

Why are some of the trips tentative? 

We are a newer company and are gauging peoples interest to see where people want to take day-trips to.  For the tentative trips, select "Reserve Seat", fill out the registration form, and we will notify you when the trip is confirmed based on the amount of interest per trip. 

*Please note, if a trip is cancelled due to weather or not enough signups, we will contact you and give you the option to move your reservation to a another Daycation event OR to get full refund.  If there are not enough signups to make the trip, we will contact you no later than 5 days before departure time.

For questions & booking, please contact the Daycation NC office directly at OR call us at (919) 322-8046.